I’m Engaged, Now What?

Did he get down on one knee? Propose at a romantic dinner, or on a boat? Now that you’re engaged, you have told your loved ones and shared the news on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. What’s next? Buying a dress? Finding flowers? Oh wait … first things first.

Set a Budget

The number one rule of wedding planning is to set a budget and stick to it. Are you footing the bill or will your parents be pitching in to help pay for your dream wedding? Either way, the budget is the most important thing to decide on before you start planning—it will determine everything little detail of your big day. When you call a vendor and they ask for your budget, you can tell them an exact amount, which helps them work within your budget to find the best package available.


Make a Guest List

Ok, now that we have a budget, it’s time to sit down with both sides of the family and think about what size guest list you would like. This might not be the most exciting discussion, but it’s a big factor in determining what venues may or may not work for you. Remember—this is a wedding for two families and everyone should be able to invite who they wish.


Find a Venue

Budget, check. Guest list, check. Time to fall in love with our wedding venue. Whether you’re having a traditional church ceremony with a reception in the church hall or you’re tying the knot outside and envisioning a reception beneath a twinkling tent, it’s important that you both fall in love with the location. Do your homework, read reviews and talk to other clients who have hosted events at the same venue. Remember that your wedding is a day you’ll remember forever and the setting will be in every photograph.


Get Inspired—and Relax!

Once you say yes to a venue, you’ll start thinking about the style of your wedding. Pick up a few bridal magazines at your local store, browse wedding websites and Pinterest boards and get inspired! You may change your mind 100 times in one year, but that’s part of the fun. You have time think, relax and talk to your fiancé, family and friends about what may work best for your venue. Now I suggest taking one of those wedding magazines and going to the salon for a mani and pedi! You’ve got your guest count, budget, location and you’re already thinking about style. From here, everything will fall into place. Take a break from wedding planning and make sure you enjoy the process from start to finish, from dress shopping and cake tasting to meeting with vendors like florists, DJs and bands, photographers and more.

And remember, you’ve hired your vendors and they are there to help you. From here on out, it’s nothing but wedding bliss! If you do need anything, always contact your vendor as soon as possible. They are here to guide you and help you create a blissful path to your wedding day!

Happy Wedding Planning!



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